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New Edward Gallery, Calgary, AB (2019)

Transference is a series of non-traditional performative street drawings which are produced by placing paper over manhole covers, and then rubbing the indigo die from my jeans onto the paper, producing an approximation of the textured surface below. This process (also known as a rubbing or transfer) is similar to the Surrealist and ‘automatic’ process of “frottage”, but further incorporates performative drawing aspects such as site, duration and using my body as a ‘living brush’ (similar to Yves Klein’s Anthropometries series). The title, “transference” also relates to Freud’s psychoanalytic term for the shift of emotions from one person or object onto another. Hence, Transference is about my sub-conscious emotional shifting of nostalgia and lamenting the loss of one object (blueprints) onto another object (blue jean prints).

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